Z10 Signature Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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Key Highlights
– 30,000PA Ultra Suction
– 1.3KG Feather-Light Weight
– Multi-stage Cyclone Filtration System
– 2 in 1 Design (Vacuum & Mop)

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 64.5 × 31 × 19.5 cm

52 reviews for Z10 Signature Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  1. G*******************

    Helps me to keep my kitchen floor clean on a daily basis.

  2. K**********

    I bought this three weeks ago. It was worth buying! Superb!

  3. P****************

    I browse this vacuum at the Vizon online store and didn’t really believe the spec (super great suction at the price). I don’t think I will go back to any vacuum after using a Vizon Z10 Signature. It sucks up EVERYTHING and is so easy/lightweight to bring around. My 9 month old baby is also sneezing a lot less because I’m picking up all the extra dust and animal hair. Love it & can’t recommend it enough.

  4. 3***********

    Fast delivery, vacuum pun bagus. Harga pun berpatutan. Vacuum sangat ringan dan boleh bawa ke mana mana sahaja.

  5. B*********

    Great suction, suit for larger space area

  6. M***

    Value for money

  7. B*********

    Vacuum comes with LED lighting.. very useful..

  8. R*************

    Love it because of frustration with pet hair. Love it, makes my house very clean

  9. S*************

    My wife loves the 2 in 1 function so much!

  10. H*****

    Memang sangat berbaloi

  11. m***************

    Lama dah survey cordless vacuum ni.. Lepas pikir pro and cons dia akhirnya angkut model ni.. Berbaloi beli dengan harga range ni. Tq Vizon

  12. A************

    No cord = the best.. Plus long battery life

  13. E*********

    Affordable and good value for money <3

  14. O**********

    Fast delivery, and fast response seller

  15. O************

    Amazing vacuum! Worth every penny!

  16. m******************

    I can clean everywhere, very good performing for deep cleaning!

  17. Y*********************

    Purchased few days ago, unboxed it today and really surprise this vacuum is better than my old vacuum. Thumbs Up!

  18. k*****************

    Received the product within few days. The customer service very responsive. And it’s super lightweight. Even my kids also can help me clean my house. Overall I’m very satisfy with the product. My friend introduce me to buy this product. He said Z10 is the best value for money vacuum ever. Now I know why.

    Z10 memang thorbaeekk!

  19. l**********

    The large dust bin very easy to remove and clean. Very convenient

  20. P*****

    I bought this weeks ago and it’s become one of my favourite brands

  21. E****

    Looks premium and it performing well

  22. L***************

    I’ve ordered the Z10 cordless vacuum on 31/08 and received on 2/09. I just loved it. It makes my life become so much easier. Comparing with my old vacuum, Vizon Z10’s is quieter, and the whole operating process is very smooth.

  23. t****

    I thought I have to spent an hour to clean my house, but at the end only spent about 30 min to clean through everything. The ultra mighty suction makes my life getting really easier!!!

  24. r**********

    I’ve replace my old wired vacuum to Z10. I’ve got shocked the handling is superb and the suction really makes me wow

  25. v***********

    I have purchased Z10 Signature after a lot of research. I am glad that it never disappoint me at all.

  26. N***********

    Super light body!!! Suitable for ladies who can’t lift heavy thing like me

  27. b*******

    I use it everyday for my bed and wall.. and just everywhere my dog passed by

  28. Y****

    I use Z10 for my events. The event space is HUGE, but Z10 can do the cleaning very well. So satisfied with the performance ;)

  29. M*******

    When I vacuum it I called it as “The Beast of the Walk”

  30. G****

    My baby got skin allergies so I bought Z10 and have a try to clean my entire house. Already use for 3 weeks, my baby’s allergies significantly getting better. I hope I could make another review on my baby’s skin condition after few months later. Thanks Vizon, really love it

  31. W***********

    Purchased Z10 signature few days ago, this cordless vacuum able to make me feel comfortable with the convenience as it can operate without electricity. The battery time can stand very long. Normally it takes me only 20 minutes to clean my entire house, and the battery consumption showed not even half. It makes me clean more often at house. Averagely I will charge it after 2-3 times of regular cleaning.

  32. M*************

    6. It’s GOD performance for my DOG!
    One word to describe: PERFECT! My Golden Shepherd always leave his hair in everywhere.. my sofa, my floor, kitchen, bed, everywhere..Z10 Signature is powerful enough to suck all the hair in one pass!

  33. S************

    I’m Vizon fan. Bought their air fryer months ago, now buy Z10 vacuum. So far so good. Feel ahead from other brands

  34. l******

    Love this vacuum, it lightweight and powerful

  35. P*****

    Friends had recommended that this vacuum for months since I have cats in my house. I procrastinated for long before purchased. And this didn’t disappoint me. As a senior, the vacuum perfectly works well and make my life easier.

  36. w********

    Nice. Works well with hard floor and carpet

  37. J**********

    It’s just what I need. Great suction power and very easy to use

  38. q*****

    This cordless vacuum just make my life better! No back pain, and time saving

  39. i***********

    Very nice vacuum. Fabulous way to quick cleaning

  40. e************

    Love the stylish design and ultra lightweight. The best companion for me and my family

  41. a**********

    What a difference it makes. Easy to use and fast

  42. U************

    Happy with my purchase. Love it.

  43. n******

    This is a practical buy for those people who are looking for great suction and light weight vacuum. I am happy to use it everyday

  44. B**************

    We have a Z10. We have bought them for our children as gift. The Z10 is an appliance I will NOT do without. If it stopped working tomorrow, I would have a new one on order. We watch our grandkids (2 & 4) one day a week and we have a cat. This vacuum is so convenient and picks up food crumbs, cat hair, cookie sprinkles, ornament & card glitter, dirt, grass – whatever you dish out, this vacuum can take. We use it on tile and carpet. Most of the time, we do not need to run the vacuum on max power, so I have never run out of battery power. The Z10 is easy to use in hard-to-reach places – steps, behind the toilet, under the beds. It’s light enough to carry up and down steps to clean on multiple floors. It is also very easy to clean & maintain (which we do about once a year). I truly LOVE this vacuum!

  45. f**********

    Very pleased with my new Z10! So much easier to use than a standard corded vacuum cleaner and not heavy to move around. Just what I needed for my bare hardwood floors and miminal tile locations.

  46. G***********

    This is the first time that I try Vizon’s product. The experience is really good! Especially when you unbox it and firstly touch the texture of the product. You can feel the premium touch. Overall it’s very value for money.

  47. d*****

    I really like this Vacuum. it is easy to handle and to maneuver around the house. Well made and good suction

  48. k********

    From start to finish the Z10 is easy to use and maintain. Powerful cleaner, lightweight, fun to use!

  49. C***************

    Serves it’s purpose performs as stated, great for small fast jobs.

  50. X******

    I simply won’t buy any other brand, can’t recommend enough!

  51. v*****

    This Z10 is great for everyday spot cleaning. So strong suction is top notch, couldn’t even imagine the if I don’t own it. Love it!

  52. g***************

    We just got and love it, it does the job that we wanted for!

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